SQL Cookbook

Master SQL with our free Cookbook: A treasure trove of problems, data, codes, and solutions to enhance your database skills efficiently.

  1. How to find rows with maximum value in SQL
  2. How to add a column in SQL
  3. How to add days to a date with SQL
  4. How to add ranking positions of rows with RANK in SQL
  5. How to calculate a square root in SQL
  6. How to calculate the difference between two dates in SQL
  7. How to capitalize the first letter of every word with SQL
  8. How to check if not equal in SQL
  9. How to check the length of a string in SQL
  10. How to combine the results of two queries in SQL
  11. How to comment in SQL
  12. How to compare two dates in the WHERE clause with SQL
  13. How to compare two strings in SQL
  14. How to concatenate strings in SQL
  15. How to convert a string to a date in SQL
  16. How to convert a string to a numeric value in SQL
  17. How to convert a string to uppercase in SQL
  18. How to count distinct values in SQL
  19. How to create a table with a foreign key in SQL
  20. How to delete a row in SQL
  21. How to drop a table in SQL
  22. How to eliminate duplicate rows in SQL
  23. How to extract a substring from a string with SQL
  24. How to filter records with an aggregate function AVG in SQL
  25. How to filter records with an aggregate function COUNT in SQL
  26. How to filter records with an aggregate function SUM in SQL
  27. How to find duplicate rows in SQL
  28. How to find the average of a numeric column in SQL
  29. How to format a date with SQL
  30. How to get the current date and time in SQL
  31. How to group by month in SQL
  32. How to handle divide by zero in SQL
  33. How to insert multiple rows with SQL
  34. How to join multiple tables in one statement with SQL
  35. How to limit results in SQL
  36. How to order rows by group sum in SQL
  37. How to remove a primary key in SQL
  38. How to round numbers in SQL
  39. How to select the first row in each group by group with SQL
  40. How to sort in SQL
  41. How to split a string in SQL
  42. How to subtract one value from another with SQL
  43. How to sum values of a column in SQL
  44. How to trim strings in SQL
  45. How to use DISTINCT in SQL
  46. How to use LIKE in SQL
  47. How to write a CASE statement in SQL