What you will learn

What you will learn

  • Get tips and tricks of a Data Scientist SQL interview
  • Develop a good SQL coding style
  • Practice on real job interview questions
  • Focus and master important SQL operations
  • Get ready for your SQL interview

What makes this course unique?

The job search can be stressful, let me help you

Compared to the usual SQL courses that teach you how to do SELECT and INSERT, this one focuses on actionable information and advice for your job interview.

You will get tips and tricks to improve your professional awareness, interview skills, and significantly shorten the path to pursue and gain your dream job as a data analytics professional.

Real interview questions

Lots of practices

You will be working on real SQL interview questions that I manually collected over the internet on sqlpad.io, an online editor that allows you to submit your SQL solution and get evaluated in real-time.

Course format

This course has 3 main sections: single table-based operation, multiple tables based operation, window function.

Each section has different lectures, at the end of each lecture, you will be given a list of SQL problems to solve, and I will show you my solutions with a step by step video tutorial.

At the end of each section, you will also get a bunch of SQL questions and have a chance to really dive deep into those problems. I have prepared a solution for each one of them in case you are stuck.

Who should take this course

Prerequisites: as long as you can write a SELECT statement.

Ideal for: fresh college graduates or young professionals who want to nail their next SQL interview as a data scientist, or similar job titles such as data analysts, business intelligence engineer, product managers.